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The Studio

We’re a boutique firm specializing in demographic design for multi-family projects—and we handle it all, from beginning to end. Our studio takes a hands-on approach to each job, sans our firm’s cohesive and uplifting culture makes working with us an uplifting experience for you. The team of talented designers led by Renee Jovovich, Director of Design Services understands the creative process and services needed to create memorable interiors. Understanding the developers needs and market trends allows the team to create the right vision for a specific project. Focused on the architecture, demographics and the neighborhood, the teams vision showcases the property and inspires the residents. The design process is customized to meet the developers needs and budgets, creating the best experience possible.

Larry Lake, Founder CEO

Idea Man

Award-winning designer Larry Lake has more than three decades’ experience in interiors, launching his career in luxury residential. He went from designing multi-million-dollar custom homes, to million-dollar production homes to luxury multi-family homes. Crafting brands for Monterey Homes and Trillium for over a decade, constantly elevating the product quality and the lifestyle of his customers. He is a micro-influencer, leader in the design community, Editor in Chief of a design magazine and leads The Lake Design Foundation for student scholarships. Loving his career of designing multi-family homes across the West Coast, he lives at Skywater on Town Lake, a multi-family project he designed, with his husband and 2 Dalmatians giving him the understanding of a truly urban lifestyle.

Happy Team.

Renee Jonovich
COO / Design Director
Holly Penido
Senior Interior Designer
Kendra Heitman
Senior Interior Designer
Miguel Madera
Director or Purchasing and Installation

Development Experience

Prompt Service
Flat Fees/ No Reimbursables
Flexible/Fast Process
Detailed Documentation
Problem Solving

Always Delivers.